Running Hybrid Webinars

webcamhalOn the Warrior Forum some asked what webinar software Frank Kern uses to run his hybrid webinars with GoToWebinar.

FYI: A hybrid webinar is where it starts live, goes to a pre-recorded session and then goes back to a live video feed.

Someone replied saying does this. So, out of curiosity I checked it out and it’s actually a full featured webinar service. As of this writing no one has actually mentioned what Frank uses. I did metioned that it could be done with a softcam, aka virtual webcam, that will switch from a video to a webcam feed. Pretty simple.

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Scan Your Products & Sites With The Major Virus Engines

virus total logoI found a really cool site called Virus Total.

With Virus Total you can scan files and URLs for viruses, worms, trojans, & other malware at most of the major engines. Which is great because you can check your products and sites for false positives before you release them. You could also put the “passed” URL on your sales/download page to help instill trust.

Check it out here.


Automatically Earn Bing Rewards Credits

Letter-B-iconEarn Bing Rewards credits quicker with my latest software release, Bing Rewards Search Bot.

Plus it’s currently free too.

Click here to download your free copy of Bing Rewards Search Bot.


Single, Blank Page WordPress Theme

WordPress logoIf you need a WordPress “theme” that is a simple index page that you can add your own HTML to then this is it.

That means it doesn’t show plugins, posts, pages or anything else. It will only show the HTML code you add to it.

If you don’t know why you would need this then you probably don’t.

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Making Money with Surveys

Survey IconFor years I’ve heard people praise making money with surveys and even seen a few pretty big marketers promote them. So, a few weeks ago I had some downtime (code for being bored and procrastinating) and decided to try a few survey sites out.

After I did some research on Bing and a few consumer/coupon/freebie sites I visit, I decided on two. Over the next week, each one sent me several “new survey available” emails. With each one I had to fill out a questionnaire that took 5-10 minutes to see if I was “qualified” to take the survey. The entire time I’m thinking the survey company should pre-qualify me. Anyway, each and every one I tried, I was told I wasn’t qualified. Maybe it’s because of the amount of money I make, that I’m single or that I’m…. It doesn’t really matter why.

Wish I could tell you which sites I tried but I deleted them without thinking. Anyway, you might have better luck but I’d be willing to bet the majority of people aren’t “qualified” and that the only people making real money from them are the survey sites, the products being sneakingly promoted and of course the people selling guides on how to make money with surveys.

- Garrie

eBay Pulse Alternatives

ebay logo
When eBay Pulse closed in September of 2012, it was a shame. As it was a great research tool. Luckily there are some alternatives and here they are.

1. Popular Keywords: A weekly look at the most active keywords on eBay.

2. Catman: Displays top keywords, top bids, top sellers and hot keywords by categories.

3. WatchCount: Shows you the most popular eBay items in real-time, as voted by eBay users.


Copycat Product Creation

CopycatA quick and easy way to create a product is to copycat an existing one. As a matter of fact, t’s so easy that several of my products are copycats.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about “stealing” someones product and slapping your name on it like in grade school. There is a right way to do it.

The most obvious way to copycat a product is to simply make the product better. Another way is to look at the topic from a different angle by widening or narrowing the target market. You can also simply update old products with current information.

When you copycat, don’t steal someone elses work. Simply rewording or rearranging someone elses work doesn’t cut it either.


How to Add Tweets & Facebook Shares to Products

facebook_twitter_logo_combo1A great way to allow people to reccommend your products is to add a links for them to send a tweet on Twitter and share on Facebook. It’s really easy too.

To create a Tweet Link, you simply set the target as:

Replace “TWEET” with what you want tweeted.

Example using a text link:

<a href=" Garrie Wilson at" target="_blank">Tweet This</a>

Creating a Facebook share button is much the same but the target would be:

Replace URL with the URL and TITLE with the title. (Note: The title is only used if Facebook can’t pull the one from the url.)

<a href=" Wilson" target="_blank">Share This</a>

Depending on what you want tweeted or shared, you may need to encode it into a URL-safe string. This can be done at

You can see an example of use in my free report An Introduction to Giveaway Events.

- Garrie

Automatically Add Buyers to GetResponse

GetResponse logo

If you use GetResponse you are going to love my latest script, GRAPISO.

With GRAPISO you will be able to add the email address of your buyers to your GetResponse account without any interaction from them. It’s free too.

Get more details and your free copy at ->


Put Those Lazy Kids to Work

Farmers Asleep in the HayKids today have it easy and I say it’s time to put them to work! Let them earn a little to pay for all the toys they have.

Now I am not talking about violating child labor laws or even making them do any type manual labor. Besides, todays kids are delicate little flowers and can’t do anything physical. I kid. Sort of. What I am talking about is letting them participate in rewards type programs and/or helping you participate in them.

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