BitDefender Sucks

bitdefenderI heard for years how great BitDefender was. So, when my AVG subscription was close to expiring, I ordered a two year, three system license for BitDefender. Normally, I would have tested with a trial version but with all the top rankings, rave reviews and a rebate making it free, I went all in.

After a few weeks of using it on two computers, I came to the conclusion that it sucks. Some of my reasons are me being anal but others are more serious issues.

Here is why I came to my conclusion.

1. They kept bugging me to login to “MyBitDefender”

MyBitDefender is to manage licenses, remote management and other junk that I don’t want to use. The software works without being logged in.

On their forum, they said:

In order to receive product and signature update, you need to activate Bitdefender with your account.

Which isn’t totally true. I never logged into MyBitDefender with the software and it kept on working. I did add a license to MyBitDefender account from the web site but never logged in from the software.

Oh and one would think the MyBitDefender account would work with the forum but nope. That requires another account to be created.

2. The “allow” buttons don’t normally work

When a site is blocked, BitDefender gives a link to view the site anyway but it normally doesn’t work. It’s like BitDefender is blocking it’s own links.

3. Hard to report false positives

If you find a website being blocked and it’s a false positive, the only way to report it is from their forum.

4. Paranoid mode for firewall

I have always ran my firewalls in paranoid mode. Which means ask me before something goes to the net. Which the BitDefender firewall does but if you allow it once, it’s always allowed. Or you have to manually remove it.

They should have “always allow” or “this time only” like AVG does.

5. Slowed my netbook to a crawl

When I installed BitDfender on my netbook my boot times increased, flash started studering, programs took longer to load and the overall performance decreased.

6. It blocked software installs

I can undertand if certain types of programs are blocked but it wouldn’t allow me to install some Windows updates and my Brother printer drivers. It even blocked the printer (wireless) from being seen.

BitDefender didn’t even give a warning/alert that it was blocking them. So, I spent hours trying to “fix” them when all I had to do was disable the crappy software. BAH.

BitDefender may have great detection for virus’ but it sucks for usability and that’s why I’ll be sticking with AVG.

- Garrie

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  1. Frank
    Mar 18th, 2013 at 05:59 | #1

    BitDefender may have great detection for virus

    Yes but about 90% of them are false positives. Bitdefender is a big joke.

  2. joe
    Apr 7th, 2013 at 19:10 | #2

    yes its true bitdefender is slow and ads lots of bulk junk to your system,tryed it tested it searched my pc/registry.found that is is scumware.DONT USE IT !!!

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